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Thursday, 20 August 2015 - 8:15pm

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Yvonne Mulugi - Singer, Model

Yvonné's musical story began when she was nine years old, spending time with a group of friends dancing and singing their way into vocal competitions and performances at the street, local clubs and small concert venues in Kampala.

The group of girls gradually morphed into God’s generation, a group that sang only Gospel songs. As a joint collective, God’s Generation amassed East Africa churches with their sweet vocals and dances. More about Yvonne...

Her first hit Mpabaatira, from her first Studio Album is a hit in East and West Africa.

You can make your callers listen to this and other songs when you make them your Ring back tones. See image for instructions.

Yvonne - Mpabaatira Ring Back Tone

Airtel Codes

4962323    Mpabaatira
4962325    Give Me Time
4961639    Loving the Way

Type ACT CODE & send to 157 to download.

MTN Codes

5072311     Mpabaatira
5072310     Give me Time
5072312     Loving the Way

Type TUNE CODE & send to 170