Software Development

All our products and services have grown from ideas we have in-house.

We also do a lot of bespoke software development work for clients who come to us with unique problems for which no off-the-shelf solutions exist. The success of our projects depends on tried and time-tested processes, and we’ve been at it for while. We work very closely with our clients during the entire development.

How we do it:

  • Understand: We get to know your business, objectives and end-users
  • Research/analyse: we do thorough market research, advising client on competition, best practices, etc
  • Design: we propose a solution design, which is alive and continuously gets updated for the duration of the project as new information feeds into the process
  • Develop: move from concept to product through a re-iterative process, keeping client in the loop every step of the way
  • Deliver: test the parts, then the integrated solution and deliver once all the UATs, as agreed with client, have passed. Because of our modular approach to building software, maintenance and upgrades are easy to deliver.