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Making technology work for you… we are motivated to change the world around us through technology, and we do this by building intelligent solutions to your problems. Excellence is our mantra.



Whether it's website design, app development or if you just want to generate more business through your current site, we've got it all covered..

With more than 21 million mobile phone users in our combined area of reach, we open up a world of possibilities for your business

Our goal is to transform the digital distribution of media content and offer artists and copyright holders legal alternatives increase their revenue streams

Access our mobile content/info services in Uganda (on 8777, 6777 and 289), South Sudan (289 and 877), Rwanda (7888 and 989).

Open up new possibilities for your business by taking advantage of innovations in mobile money technology.

We partner with Mobile Telecommunications operators to leverage advances in communications technology and new mobile payments options to provide mobile gaming platforms.

We develop and build fully integrated websites and web applications.

We also do a lot of bespoke software development work for clients who come to us with unique problems for which no off-the-shelf solutions exist.

We help take the hassle out your IT projects.

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